“Una Vez.” The throbbing track has an epic buildup with cavernous vocals, a dire percussive rhythm, and a flirtatious brass section. The mourning and drawl of Mira’s vocals emit vibes of unrelenting loss and a determination to claim the faded admiration of a lover. " Margaret Farell - Stereogum

“El Radio” recalls cinematic swells and imagery: cowboy boots planting in a dusty pathway, spurs jangling. Many of the songs would fit seamlessly in a Quentin Tarantino film." - Jake Uitti - The Seattle Times

El Radio changes everything we know about Vince Mira. This is his true debut, a complex and riveting accumulation of age, courage and imagination. Mira has grown up to be his own man with his own voice, and El Radio is a towering statement of arrival. Jonathan Zwickel - City Arts

Vince Mira sings at the kind of frequency that distinguishes a basso singing voice from a typical baritone—the kind that could shake a subwoofer at the right volume. - Flood Magazine

"El Radio is a gorgeously atmospheric album from a vocalist you may not know, but will never forget." Felix Contreras - NPR

"…the audience's jaws were dropping, immediately followed by everyone looking at their friends with a do-you-hear-what-I-hear expression. By the time he hit the chorus, almost nobody was sitting down any more, and people who'd been hanging out by the PETA booth or lingering over a $12 beer were rushing toward the stage. Mira's the sort of discovery that makes Sasquatch! worthwhile..." Douglas Wolk - Pitchfork

"I believe we witnessed someone that's going to be a huge star and we just saw this happen" Ellen DeGeneres - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

“Then he strummed his guitar and started to sing—a booming deep voice leaped from out of his gut. Even thought I expected it, it was still unbelievable. A woman sprung up, his voice scared her off her ass. Another shouted out a shocked “WHAT!?” Then everyone stood up, surged towards the stage and started dancing....-The Stranger, Sasquatch Saturday: Vince Mira Almost Caused a Riot, by Megan Seling, May 25, 2008 ” Megan Seling - The Stranger

“When skinny local teenager Vince Mira claimed his position on the Yeti! Stage….The all-seated crowd bum-rushed the stage to get a closer look and listen to the kid who – when your eyes are closed — is a dead ringer for the Man in Black. Very impressive stuff” Chris Kornelis - Seattle Weekly

"The first time I heard him, I was just blown away," Gene Stout - Seattle Pi



Photos by Bruce Dugdale